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Macau is characterised by its vibrancy and uniqueness. The intersection of the Chinese and Western cultures sharps the city spirit of innovation and cultural diversity. Fusion of art and diversified development of different industries accelerate and sustain the cultural development in Macau SAR.

The first and second “6075 Macau Hotel Art Fair”, which took place in parallel with the auction of Poly Auction Macau, was successfully held at Regency Art Hotel in January and November 2016. The fair presents works by 60 young and talented artists from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and abroad, who were born after 1975, It aims to support the development of creative industries of Macau, bringing creativity into the homely hotel rooms. The attempt to introduce the hotel art fair in Macau achieved satisfying sales result and attracted a remarkable number of visitors including collectors and art lovers. Meanwhile, the fair also collaborates with Dr. Stanley Ho Foundation presenting the Dr. Stanley Ho Foundation Art Award in support of emerging artists.

The third “6075 Macau Hotel Art Fair” is set to open on 11 to 14 October 2018 in parallel with “Y Show”. “Y Show” is the First Macau Art Graduates Joint Exhibition aiming to provide an opportunity for graduates to showcase their talents. These two events together will attract art lovers, collectors, entrepreneurs.

Date: 11 OCT-14 OCT 2018  THURSDAY TO SUNDAY   11 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Location:   Regency Art Hotel
(2 Estrada Almirante Marques Esparteiro, Taipa Island, Macau)

  • Fair Details

  • Application Requirement

  • Schedule

  • Participation Fee

  • Notes to Exhibitors

  • Dr. Stanley Ho Foundation Art Award


  • Fair Details

    6075 Macau Hotel Art Fair is the first art fair in Macau showcasing artworks in hotel rooms. The third event will feature 60 local and international young artists of talent who were born after 1975, these artists will ignite the vitality of each room by presenting their unique solo projects. By exhibiting artworks of emerging talents and collaborating with celebrated galleries, art organisations as well as veteran curators and art critics, the fair opens in Regency Art Hotel Macau and offers a platform for cultural exchange and connect collectors with art pieces of great potential.

    “6075” Sector | “Special Project” Sector |


    Apart from the main sector “6075”, to continue the “Special Project” sector in collaboration with National Taiwan Normal University in the first edition of the fair, and with China Academy of Art in the second, we will collaborate with an art institute and continue the “Special Project”.

    The third “6075 Macau Hotel Art Fair” is set to open in parallel with “Y Show”. “Y Show” is the First Macau Art Graduates Joint Exhibition aiming to provide an opportunity for graduates to showcase their talents. These two events together will attract art lovers, collectors, entrepreneurs.

  • Application Requirement

    Applications should meet the following conditions:

    1.Artists must be born after 1975;

    2.Both local and overseas artists are welcome;

    3.Art forms and media are not restricted.

      The works should preferably be small to medium that are suitable to display in hotel rooms.


  • Schedule

    1.Application deadline: 31 July 2018

    2.Results announced: 17 August 2018

    3.Participation fee due : 31 August 2018

    4.Catalogue pages of each exhibitor sent for confirmation: 27 August 2018

    5.Catalogue pages confirmation deadline: 31 August 2018

    6.Submission of guest information of exhibition room deadline: 14 September 2018

    7.Fair set up: 10 October 2018 9:00 – 21:00

    8.Fair hours: 11-14 October 2018, 11:00 – 20:00

    9.Fair dismantle: 15 October 2018 12:00

  • Participation Fee

    Participation fee: HKD10,000


    1) A room in 28 square meters for two guests for the duration of the fair.

    Check-in time: 10 October 2018

    Check-out time: 15 October 2018 before 12:00 noon;

    2) Breakfast and lunch from 11 to 14 October 2018 and breakfast on 15 October 2018 for two guests in the restaurant of Regency Hotel Macau. Vouchers will be provided after check-in;

    3) Two pages in the fair catalogue;

    4) Two exhibitor passes;

    5) A set-up pack: 3M hooks, Blu-tack, tape measure, scissors.

  • Notes to Exhibitors

    1.Booths are allocated by the Organisers, any special preferences on booth location should be raised together with your application. Changes on booth location will not be accepted after confirmation of participation.

    2.Exhibitors can design the layout of the whole of its allocated space, however, Exhibitors should not amend the wall structures (Included but not limited to) or any fixed room facilities. Exhibitors are not allowed to drill or hang sharp objects on wall. Exhibitors shall vacate the space at the end of the fair. Hotel staff will inspect the condition of the room when check out, any costs incurred by loss or damage of room facilities shall be covered by the Exhibitors.

    3.Accommodation is for Exhibitors or Participated Artists only and limits to 2 occupants per room. Extra payment will be expected for early check-in or extension of occupancy dates and advanced reservation shall be made with the hotel.

    4.During the fair period, Exhibitors shall be responsible for the safety of their exhibits and all goods. The Organisers and the hotel shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind howsoever arising.

  • Dr. Stanley Ho Foundation Art Award

    The fair runs “Dr. Stanley Ho Foundation Art Award” in support of the artistic development of young artists and invites veteran curators and artists as panel of judges to select artists of great potential and with outstanding performances.


    1.Exhibits transport agents

    Executive Committee has officially appointed ZHONGZHAN UNION (BEIJING) INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO., LTD as the general transport agent of this Fair’s exhibits, which is responsible for exhibits transport, custom clearance and other events. Exhibitors please refer to the “Transport Rules” and “Shipping Rates”, and contact them directly.



    Contact person : Mr. SHI Hong

    Phone number : + 86-130 0121 7617

    Email: [email protected]

    2.The record of overseas exhibits and transport matters

    According to the government’s regulation, the information of all overseas works (including foreign countries and regions such as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) must be sent to the Department of Cultural Affairs in advance for review and record. Depending on the location and way of transport for different exhibitors, the deadline for their submissions is different. Please follow the transport instructions to check the required date.

    According to the rules, the Fair must assign only one transport company to be fully responsible for all overseas exhibits’ customs declaration, clearance and returned transport. Exhibitors can choose their own transport company according to their Expo’s schedule, but they must inform the assigned company in advance for the custom declaration, clearance and other events.


Please complete the application form and return to us before 31 July 2018 by email to [email protected]  Application result will be notified by email.

Download application document:

6075 Macau Hotel Art Fair Details

6075 Macau Hotel Art Fair Application Form

Enquiries: (853) 8860 8212
Email: [email protected]