About Y Class

Creative Design Courses
“Y Class”

“Y Class” is a series of creative design courses mutually conducted by Chiu Yeng Culture Limited and the Centre for Continuing Education of the University of Macau, with the key creative support from Chiii Design “Y Class” aims to form a team with high level of excellence by inviting design specialists from Asia and Macau to be the class instructors, and will enhance students’ critical thinking skills and knowledge about design through academic and practical teaching method. The five-day creative design courses – “Y Class” focus on four areas of design categories: Visual Arts, Spatial Design, Visual Communication Design and Multimedia Design. “Y Class” aims to promote the education of creative design and cultivate talents to enhance their overall design capabilities and to expedite the promotion of adequate economic diversification in developing the creative industry in Macau.


“Y Class” Objectives

  • To expand students’ design knowledge and increase their interest and desire to learn gradually through experience sharing from overseas and Macau design specialists.
  • To help students forming their system of knowledge and acquire design skills which could be applied into the industry.
  • To get to know more about the industry operation, needs and regional market trend.
  • To enhance their capability of design through an intensive and effective class arrangement.

“Y Class” Creative Design Courses
Celebration of Achievement

The educational project of the second “Y Show” – “Y Class” Creative Design Courses, with Visual Arts, Spatial and Architecture Design, Visual Communication Design and Multimedia Design as the main core topics. The closing ceremony of “Y Class” was held on 15th July at the University of Macau. The instructors from Asia and Macau gathered with more than 60 students and reviewed all the professional design knowledge and skills they have learned during the five-day course. Mr. Siza Cham, one of the local instructors, expressed, “I am honored to be one of the instructors of ‘Y Class’. I am glad to exchange ideas with the students who are also passionate about design. The introduction of overseas and Macau instructors in one course, broadens the horizons of students. I think that ‘Y Class’ can cultivate more non-gaming development, hence more citizens can commit to the creative industry in Macau.”