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Aims to explore the limitless possibilities of arts


Chiu Yeng Culture Limited was founded by Ms. Sabrina Ho Chiu Yeng in Macau in October 2015, specialize with businesses encompassing auction, exhibitions and services in art and culture, and aims to explore the limitless possibilities of arts in order to motivate the development of local tourism, cultural and creative industries.


Macau is characterized by its inclusive and open culture. The interaction of the Chinese and western cultures creates the city spirit of innovation and cultural diversity. The convergence of disparate fields and art is the new power in the course of an accelerated cultural development in Macau. It believes in partnership and innovation, and continuously seeks suitable solutions for clients by embracing better ways of doing things. Dedicated to promote the integration of art into daily life, Chiu Yeng Culture initiated art projects and exhibitions with the aim to be the most dynamic platform in Macau for art and cultural exchange and contribute to the broader community.

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